Thursday, December 5, 2013

Favorite Things - shamelessly stolen

Well - the Holiday season is among us - along with family visits, birthday parties, and juggling schedules to fit everything in.  Sound familiar?  It happens to us every year too.  Last week my kids and I went to visit my parents for a lovely Thanksgiving - it was great, but we did have a few setbacks.  My husband could not attend, because he somehow got Shingles of all kids have not had chicken pox, so he has been quarantined to the upstairs bonus room just in case.  He stayed home, so we made sure to bring him plenty of yummy leftovers.  Then my poor mom - two days before Thanksgiving she fell asleep in the recliner, woke up at 1:00 a.m., jumped up too fast and her foot had fallen asleep - she fell and sprained her ankle, and hit her back on the coffee table in the process.  So, we had a nice Thanksgiving, but dad and I did most of the preparation, and needless to say our traditional black friday shopping did not happen!  I did get to meet my bestie for lunch on Friday, which was wonderful - I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like, even though we live less than 2 hours from each other!  So...Saturday, my plan was to drive home and have everything Christmas up by Sunday...why...because my daughter's 10th birthday is today, and her party is on Saturday, AFTER her last tennis lesson and celebration.  I was feeling a bit rushed.  Got home, and hubby had cleaned around the mantle area...that's it...dishes were dirty, floor unvacuumed, stuff all over the place...I was NOT happy!  But...when I got everything packed away, and started getting ready to decorate, he jumped in and helped...and by Sunday, everything was done!  Whew!  So now, my MIL is coming in town today - dinner for birthday girl tonight.  Tennis Saturday morning, and birthday party Saturday night.  I have her gifts, but have not bought the first thing for the party.  So far we have 8 confirms out of 14 invitees.  Sigh!  House needs to be vacuumed, dusted, decluttered...I'll be glad once Saturday is done.  Then the following weekend Friday my friend is bringing me to see The Hobbit - for my birthday (which is approaching soon - the big 4 0!!!)  The 14th my kids are in a performance at the school - on a Satruday afternoon...then the neighborhood Christmas party is that night.  Busy, busy times!  Then da da da...the 16th I turn will be no fanfare, but hopefully a nice dinner will take place!  I don't need a lot, but I do like a good birthday dinner.  :)  And then Christmas - my MIL will be here for most of the month, and my parents will come down on Christmas Eve so that everyone will be here on Christmas morning.  I already have the presents under the tree...yay!  This is a first - I'm usually wrapping at the last possible moment!  I'm DONE!!!  And it feels so good.  :) on to my favorites list - I have seen these on other blogs, so thought I would shamelessly steel the idea and put one of my own on here...I don't have pictures to go with it, but oh goes:
1.  My Kindle Fire - it has books, movies, games all in one - love it!
2.  Soft fuzzy socks - I love when it gets colder so I can wear my collection of soft, cuddly socks - they are ugly, but oh so comfy!
3.  Air Wick Plug Ins - Applie Pie - makes the house smell good, even with 3 cats, 2 litter boxes and a turtle tank.  :)
4.  My collection of Frosty Follies - my mom started me on this collection of snowmen years ago, and the woman who created them died of cancer about 10 years ago - her family kept the collection going, but they are getting harder and harder to find - LOVE THEM!
5.  Clinique Happy - the only kind of perfume I can wear - I get migraines from strong scents, so this is perfect!!
6.  Bare Essentials Shadow Liner - Honestly, up until I received some from my mom recently, I had never heard of Shadow Liner.  The first time I tried it I wasn't even sure how to apply it - but it's sooooo easy, and goes on so much better than a liner pencil...and it stays on better too!  LOVE!
7.  My silver loop earrings from Premier Jewelry - I wear them practically every day and they never get old!
8.  Wen cleansing conditioner - I no longer use shampoo, but love Wen.  Yes, it's expensive, but soooo worth it! 
9.  Holiday Festival of Lights Ornament Collection - every year our local Recreational Park puts out an ornament based on the lights they display.  We have them all, starting from 1989 - 2012 (I need to get this year's soon!)  They are all delicate gold, and some have a splash of color - my absolute favorite is the ornament of the Old Cooper River Bridge from Charleston, SC - we have the new bridge too, but the old will always be my fave.
10.  Last, but not least, Aquafor!  I use it as chap stick, for my daughter's dry skin (she has some weird excema like thing, and it works wonders), for dry feet - and it lasts forever! 
 So - I hope everyone has a wonderful month full of festivity and fun - and have a very Merry Christmas!  :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh My - October!

So every month I think, I can't believe it's _____  but seriously, how can it already be October?  I mean Halloween is just a few weeks away, and I haven't even started to decorate for kids just told me what they want to be for Halloween, but we have no costumes yet!  My daughter wants to be Frankie Stein from Monster High...but she said any of them would do (she was Draculaura last year).  My son decides he wants to be a Clone from Star I have to get on the ball!  My daughter is horrified that she doesn't have her costume yet...I told her she has plenty of time.  Sigh! In actuality we don't - time is flying like a witch on a broom.  Yikes (yeah - that was lame!) 
Besides all of the Halloweeny stuff I'm sure will start coming our way, my son and daughter both have big projects coming up, plus I have school conferences with both teachers, my daughter starts tennis in a couple of weeks (she came up with wanting to do that out of the blue) and my son just joined the running club - so things are staying busy. 
I have been super stressed out lately - no particular reason - I just want things to slow down, and I want more time to do fun stuff with the kids.  I feel like they are too busy, or I am always trying to get something else done that I'm concerned I'm neglecting them.  I don't get home most evenings until 6:00 p.m. so there really isn't a whole lot of time to do much between dinner, homework, baths, etc. before it's bedtime!  And I have to be at work tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. - yes...4:00a .m.!  I normally don't wake up until 6:30 a.m., but we have biometric screenings at work tomorrow, so I have to be there to open the doors and greet the company...I drew the short straw!  Ugh!  That means I have to go to bed tonight by 8:00 p.m. and get up by 2:30 a.m. to get ready to be there at 4:00 a.m. - that seriously sucks!!!  I am NOT a morning person. 
Well - kids are finally adjusting to school - it took my son a little longer than usual due to being in the gifted and talented program this year - he really did have a difficult adjustment period.  It was a little rough on all of us...but he's finally getting there.  I honestly think these programs are harder on the parents than the kids!!!  My daughter is still mad that she didn't get in the program last year, but she is right where she needs to be - she's not gifted material.  Don't get me wrong - she's smart, but she's a bit flighty, impatient and dramatic...and lazy - she will put off homework until the last minute, and even then it's like pulling teeth to get her to finish it.  Oye!  On a good note, she finally learned how to ride a bike - it only took her to almost the age of 10, but she's finally on two wheels!!!  I thought she would never learn!  :)  We went on our first bike ride together the other day and it was really nice!  Now...I have to find the will to practice running club with my son - Lord help me cuz I'm gonna need all the help I can get doing that!  A runner I am not...I envy those of you who are! 
My poor hubby has been sick since Sunday - he's been pretty miserable, and I've banned him to the FROG (for those of you who don't know - FROG stands for Finished Room Over Garage) - it's a real estate term used down here quite often!  Yeah - so he's been quarantined - it's now Wednesday, and I kinda miss him!  Wish he would get over being sick so he could join the rest of us downstairs - maybe then I could get the kids to bed on time - it's been a challenge this week. 
All I want is a mini vacation - really just one day with a good book and no one to interrupt me, or call mommy, or know - quiet!  :) 
So anyway - hope you all have a wonderful evening - my day is almost done, and I am dreading tomorrow...12 hours from now I will be back here again!  Sigh!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So Much Fun!!!

So - Weekend was a BLAST!  Good friends, boat rides, kayaking, fishing, fruity drinks and finally this - riding the "couch"!!!  Good times!!!! 

Me and my bestie...can't get better than this!  :)  I hope everyone else had as wonderful a Labor Day as we did!!! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Long Labor Day Weekend - Woot Woot!

It's been so long since I've posted, but summer can sometimes be a little crazy and the next thing you know it's over and school is back in session!  Zoom...just that quick.  So, our summer was great - kids were in camp all summer, with the exception of one week at my parents, and another week when we went on vacation with the family.  That was a fun week - a full week with my family - hubby, kids, parents and mother-in-law in a cabin at Table Rock State Park, in SC.  This made the second year we rented the same cabin, and it was terrific - right across from the playground and lake, and just around the corner from the hiking trails and waterfalls.  No tv, no internet, and no phone service - yes, heavenly!  The weather cooperated for us this year - last year it rained every single day...this year only one day of rain, and a few night showers.  We swam...a lot.  The water was cooooooollllllllddddddd!  My daughter went off the high dive for the first time - she didn't like it at all, but she went one more time to be sure.  Haha!  We rode paddle boats, played games, and took a trip into downtown Greenville.  Can't go into Greenville without checking out Mast General Store or O.P. Toys - very cool stuff!  I wish I could go back...another week would be nice!  The weather actually was so nice while we were there (in July...) that we actually got to eat outside one evening - no bugs, no humidity...and my kiddos got their first experience with roasting marshmallows and eating 'smores.  Fun, fun, fun times - messy, but fun!  Once we got back home the rest of the summer just seemed to fly by.  Kids have now been in school for 2 is that even possible??? My babies are now in 3rd and 4th grade...hard to believe.  My son got in the gifted and talented program this year - proud mama!  My daughter is mad because he's younger and she never got in.  She was NOT happy...but she hates homework and the program he is in just has more.  So, that appeased her somewhat. They seem to be enjoying it, though - that's what is important.  Now Labor Day is here...already.  We have plans with friends all weekend long and I'm so excited - Lake Lure NC.  Hanging out with my bestie and her family, boating and just having fun - 7 kids, 4 adults...think we are outnumbered???  It will be fun!  Hope everyone has a very fun and safe labor day!   

Monday, June 3, 2013

June - Summer begins, and I get some me time!!!

Hi all - I love June!  First, my kids get out of school and summer begins, so lots of fun activities ranging from birthday parties, play dates and the pool - busy, but fun!  Also, my hubby has his birthday this month, followed closely by Father's Day - I am blessed to say I have a wonderful father and will be able to see him that weekend!  :)  I also am ecstatic that I get a week to myself!!!!  Yes folks, a whole week where I have the house to myself - I can do what I want, eat what I want, and heck prance around naked if I want (but trust me, I won't...haha)!  Just the thought of it makes me giddy!  My hubby is heading up to his mom's for a mud run, and then will stick around to help her with some household projects.  In the meantime, my parents are taking both kids for a week!  Don't get me wrong, I will miss them all terribly, and will be so glad to have them return home safely - but for that week while they are gone!!!  Oh...what to do!?  I already have a girls night out planned with one of my friends.  I plan on doing some deep cleaning in areas that are usually neglected - not fun, but necessary - and will be much easier to accomplish without little ones (and one big messy one) around!  Oh the possibilities are endless!!!  :)  So...yes, this month is looking good so far! 

On a sad note, there are two anniversaries I don't like - today is one of them.  My wonderful Father-in-law passed away two years ago today and is dearly missed.  He was a terrific man and wish he was still here with us.  Also, we are getting ready to hit the 25th anniversary of my brother's death - he was killed in a car accident at the age of 18 - he has been dead longer than he has been alive, but he is still sooooo missed!  Not a day goes by where I wish I couldn't call up my older brother for advice, just to laugh, and I wish my children could have met their awesome uncle! June, but there are a few shadows - they are from the angels looking at us from above! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May - Birthdays, Mother's Day

I can't believe how fast this month has been...the whole year has flown by so fast.  I say the same thing every year, but it really does seem to just zoom by.  Is it that we are just so much busier as a society or has time just sped up?  Everything is so fast paced.  May has been a pretty good month so far - my baby turned 8! We had his birthday party on Friday - 4 boys came over to the house, and 1 spent the night.  My daughter, not wanting to be the only girl at the party was allowed to invite one friend as well.  It turned out great - the boys were a little wild.  We didn't have any planned games, so we pulled out twister and just let them be boys - they played with boy toys (swords, lightsabers and plastic guns...I know guns seem to be taboo, but hey...they are boys!)  After pizza, cupcakes and ice cream most of them went home - the remaining kids were manageable, but they still didn't go to sleep until after 1:00 a.m. - meaning my hubby left them to me, and grandma retired I was left to monitor them!  They stayed amused, though - my son had 2 Lego sets, and he dove right into one of them. My MIL had given my daughter a decorate your own hairband set, so she and her friend were occupied with that - completed them all!  They did a great job!  Saturday after donuts the kids went home, we brought the kids to have haircuts - both of my children have curly hair (especially my son) and they were both starting to look a bit unkempt.  My son got upset at school the other day when another kid toldhim that his hair was so thick you could hide a house in there...he didn't like that!  LOL!  You can now see his face again, and no houses were found in the process.  :)  My daughter wanted to grow her hair out, but it's soooooo tangly when she tries - so we cut it up to her chin, and it is so absolutely truly is adorable and suits her so well!  After haircuts we went back to the house and my parents came down for the day - it's a nice combination of being able to celebrate my son's birthday, and have both mom's there to celebrate Mother's Day as well!  We all went to a local Chinese Buffet and stuffed ourselves silly, only to go home and eat cake!  Buddy got to open more presents, and his sister even got a couple things from the grandparents as well!  It was a pretty good day!  Mother's Day was quiet, but it was nice - I got a sweet ceramic flower bowl that my daughter made for me in art class - it's rather pretty, if I say so myself!  My son made a paperclip butterfly, and his picture is where the butterfly body should be - it's so cute!  :)  I also got some sweet homemade and store bought cards from the hubby and kids.  I love my kiddos and am so proud to be their mama!  I have nothing else exciting going on in my life - my work travel has stopped (thank goodness) and I'm trying to lose a few pounds before we go on vacation in July - back to the mountains again for hiking, swimming and just enjoying some downtime with the family (no cell phones or tvs!!!  Woohoo!)  :)  I can't wait.....I need some good R&R that only the mountains can provide! 2 months to go...that's not very long...can I lose 15 lbs. in that amount of time?  Sigh! Probably not, but I can hope! 
Been trying to up my reading a bit lately now that I have my kindle, so if anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know.  I'm currently reading The Hangman's Daughter, which is the first in a set of 3.  So far it's good, but I'm only on chapter 2...not too far into it yet.  I recently finished Divergent (book 1) and Insurgent (Book 2) of the Divergent Series - Book 3 doesn't come out until October, and it's driving me up a wall to finish it!  Winter Garden is another book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  After I finish the current series, I plan on reading The Dinner - I've heard lots about it, and it's got me intrigued. 
Anyway - until later!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Friday

What a week it has been!  The week began on Sunday with boss and I travelling out of town for business.  It was a good day - we got in a little shopping and a nice dinner (with free dessert because whoever sat us down forgot to tell the we waited, and waited and waited some more).  Lately wherever I go somewhere with others for dinner, I seem to bring bad luck to the service, the food or's become a joke with my co-workers.  Although the past few times they have been calling me a free dessert good luck charm.  Haha!  Anyway - things were going very smoothly, then on Monday tragedy happened in Boston.  My heart was heavy as I thought of my friends and family who live in that area, so many states away from my own.  Luckily everyone was okay, and my marathoner friend just happened to not run this year.  I, along with so many others, was glued to the tv.  When I got back to the motel I immediately flipped on the news.  Devestating!  Then I get home and Wednesday the explosion in West Texas occurs.  Just a bad week - my heart fell again. own home had sadness.  My 12 year old cat, Burt, had not been doing well for the past 2 weeks...out of the blue just got worse day by day.  3 days ago he wouldn't leave the bathroom, and if he tried to walk he fell after 2 feet.  It was heartbreaking to watch!  My first thought was stroke.  Brought him to the vet first thing yesterday morning.  Normally he weight 15-17 lbs. but the vet weighed him and he was 11 lbs!!!  He said Burt was dehydrated and he wanted to run tests to see if there was something major or something easily fixable going on.  A few hours later he called with bad news - Burt had diabetes - numbers literally off the chart!  I never in a million years would have figured he could have diabetes - we fed him right, no table  Anyway, the vet said we could go the treatment route, consisting of 2 insulin shots per day, plus a weekly visit to the vet for fluids - and very costly. know the alternative.  It was a hard decision to make, but after asking the vet what he would do if it was his cat, we decided to put him down.  He was old, and the vet said there was already so much liver and kidney damage, there was no guarantee of him ever having a normal live.  I didn't make it to work yesterday - I cried and cried and dreaded telling the kids.  They took it well, but everyone is heartbroken!  Our other kitty keeps looking for Burt - they were buddies, and it breaks my heart to see him so confused.  :(  So sad!  So, it's just been a crappy week all the way around.  My heart is breaking for all of the families in Boston and West who have been effected by the tragedies of the past week.  Tomorrow my son has a performance at school - hopefully the day will lift everyone's spirits, and spring will continue on with no more incidents.  Happy Friday to everyone - and be kind to those around you - you never know what they may be going through!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whiny Wednesday

Okay - I'm tired ya'll - really tired!  This past month has just worn me out!  Started off fun with all my college buddies getting together for a long overdue reunion - we had a blast!  It was great to see everyone and share stories, memories and laughs.  The weekend was beautiful, so we got to hang out in downtown Charleston for the day - and it couldn't have been more perfect!  :)  The following Wednesday I had to travel for work which kept me away from home and family for 2 nights - not bad.  I had a king sized bed to myself, which was nice.  But...we had to get up extra early for the days we were there and got back to the motel after 8:00 p.m. so it made for super long days. Then the following week I got strep - yep...the sickies hit yet again!!!  So, I was out for 3 days, and then had a planned vacation day for friday - so I missed all but 1 day of work that week.  Friday we had plans to go to my parents, as we had tickets to see Les Miserables that evening live.  As of Thursday night I still wasn't sure if I would feel up to it, but decided that I shouldn't be contagaious at that point due to the antibiotics, so what the heck...we went.  My parents, hubby, MIL and I all went.  Kids had a sitter, so we left for dinner and the theater and had a great time.  But, I was worn out from being sick and we didn't get in til after 11:00.  We stayed the weekend, and it was fun - but again...travelling just wears you out, even just a couple of hours.  The next week was pretty normal, but due to all of the above events, my house had been pretty neglected - so on Good Friday (a holiday for me) I got up early, attended my son's Terrific Kids Award Ceremony then went home to CLEAN!!! Then came Easter - my daughter, who never wakes up early, comes in at 7:30 to inform me that the Easter Bunny had arrived, and that her brother had vomited in his room!!!  Yay - so off to clean sheets I go! Then later that day I had to meet my boss so we could travel out of town again for business.  Had to be here bright and early Monday morning.  We were supposed to leave to go home yesterday, but we got delayed and are still here!  Hubby told me my daughter was not feeling well Monday, and still wasn't herself yesterday - not eating.  :(  Poor girl!  So, I'm ready to go home and see my kiddos, hubby and sleep in my own bed!  It's been a productive trip, but Monday we had to be here at 7:00 and didn't leave til 6:00 at night - by the time we grabbed dinner and got back it was almost 9:00.  Yesterday we had to be here at 6:30 - but same scenario at night.  Today was a 7:30 day - and we leave to go home around 4:00.  So...that puts me home around 7:00ish.  Sigh!  Tired, tired, tired! good thing is we've had awesome dinners every night this week - I think I've gained 10 lbs.  That's one of the perks about travelling.  If anyone is ever in the Charlotte, NC area go to Belmont and try the Old Stone Steakhouse - it's FABULOUS!  Anyway - I'm hoping that April is a little slower than March with less sickness and more rest.  :)  Although - I have one more trip for work planned mid-month...and that SHOULD be the end of my travelling for the time being!  Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Easter, and the sickies stay away from your home! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sickies...I said go away - I meant it!!!

Wow!  Seriously, just as I thought all of the sickness was finally starting to subside, my son gets hit with a nasty vomiting bug Saturday night - he literally was sick for over 10 hours, and neither of us slept a wink all night long.  Poor guy - he was pitiful, and I felt so bad for him!  Yesterday was a day of just TRYING to catch up on some sleep...trying being the key word.  It didn't work!  I'm soooo tired today, but at least this time hubby was able to stay home with the sick one...I just don't have the days to do it!  Ack! 

Last week, to add to the family fun, I got an email from my daughter's teacher - she said that my daughter didn't seem to be listening to instructions, and had heard the same complaint from the gym teacher.  So, she asked if I could send her to the school nurse to have her hearing tested - of course I said yes!  Turns  out my poor girl has virtually no hearing in her right ear...she's 9!  How in the world could we have missed this?  Talk about feeling like an awful!  So, after I heard the results from the testing, I contacted our ENT - we have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm hoping and praying that it is something that is easily fixed, and not permanent damage.  It does make me wonder, thought...she has had so many ear infections (two ruptured eardrums), her adenoids and tonsils removed due to pressur on the eardrum when she was 4, along with tubes - does this go back to all of that?  Again...she listens (for the most part...much of the time it's selected) at home, so I never seemed to give it a thought that there might be an issue.  Anyway - there are times you feel okay as a mother, and other times you just feel crappy - this is one of those moments.  :(  Anyway - she seems completely unphased by it - hubby and I (and even the grandparents) seem much more concerned.  The other day when I picked her up from school the only thing she seemed upset about was the fact that they found a bad work etched into a desk at the Y -when I asked about her testing she was ho-hum.   But she kept bringing up that really bad word...and yes, it was bad - she was so insistent on me knowing what it was, her brother was begging to hear it too...I told her she had BETTER NOT tell him, and that she had better not repeat it again!!! 

Anyway - gotta get back to work.  I'm going to make an honest effort to at least try to get on here and update once a week...we'll see how it goes!  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and hope the sickies stay away for all! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The sickies can go away now...please!

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it always hits our family hard in the area of sickness.  I was soooooo excited in the fall because my children barely missed a day of school - wishful thinking for me to expect it to continue...hahahaha!  Right!?  So,  January hits - my daughter gets strep - I take off 2 days.  My son gets some unknown virus (I still think he had bronchitis or walking pneumonia, but what do I know?) - they give him a prescription of cough medicine.  I take off a day with him.  Our washing machine broke - I had to take off a day for that (of course they were supposed to be there in the early a.m. but came closer to 5:00 p.m.).  Then I got something...I seriously think it was a very mild flu case (fevers, chills, sore all over, headache) but the test said no...but hubby agreed with me - we still think the doc. was wrong.  I was out yet another day.  Then son got sick AGAIN with ear pain.  I was afraid it was a repeat of the night before Thanksgiving when his eardrum ruptured.  Thank goodness it was only swimmers ear (bathtub is the only place he could have got that - there hasn't been any swimming here in a while).  He also had that horrendous cough, STILL, and they treated him for bronchitis - he still had crackling in his right chest.  So...out another day with him.  Sigh!  I have vacation scheduled for July already, and one day in March - we are going for my mom's birthday to see the travelling Broadway Show Les Miserables.  So...out of 3 weeks of vacation, I'm down to 4 remaining for the year!!!  Out of 1 week of PTO I have 19 hours left...seriously!!!  Sigh!  Maybe we'll be lucky and no one will get sick again this year.  Hey - I can hope! 

Besides everyone being sick, it's been pretty uneventful our way.  A couple birthday parties and weekend events for the kids, but that's about it.  My daughter and hubby did recently go to a Father/Daughter dance at the local Y - I thought that was so precious!  They had a ball!  :)  (This was the weekend I was sick, so I didn't get any pictures).  I am looking forward to March in a big way!  Next weekend I am meeting up with all of my old college friends - it's been (ahem) 20 years since we met, and we haven't seen each other in over 7 years!  I'm sooooo exited!  There are going to be 8 of us getting together, and I expect it will be a weekend full of memories, laughter and I'm sure a few drinks.  :)  As I stated above, the Les Miserables trip is in March also!  My mom and MIL both have March b-days, so the whole family (minus the kids) are going to the show - so excited!  I've seen it before, but it's one of those shows I could see over and over again without getting tired of it.  If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Yet...I still haven't seen the movie...sigh! 

It's so funny - I seem to think of a million things to write about when I'm away from the computer, but as soon as I start typing my mind goes blank.  Why is that?  I guess that's why I'm not a writer - I'd have one very dull book. 

Just curious, for anyone out there with kids.  My son will be turning 8 in May, and I still don't have any ideas (reasonably priced) for his birthday.  Anyone with sons please send me some fun ideas - everything here is a bit on the high side, and he has never had a "real" friends birthday party.  His sister has, and he is way overdue one!!  :) 

Gotta run for now - hope everyone out there has a wonderful Wednesday with no worries and lots of sunshine.  :) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just a little line - I'm bored

Hi all - Just dropping by my poor neglected blog to say hi!  Nothing really going on in my world, but thought I'd come by anyway.  Work, home, work, home, gym on occasion, work, home - that's my life lastely.  Fun!  Truly - it's not that bad.  My kiddos definitely keep things lively - it's never boring with a 7 and 9 year old!  Haha!  My husband (if you remember he's a personal trainer) has somehow convinced me to come to the gym twice a week - I guess since he's a personal trainer, he expects me to look like a PT wife????  Sigh - I have a loooooooong way to go!  But - I'm working out with one of his co-workers, and I'm getting PT for I can't complain.  We end up laughing through the sessions more than work out - so I don't know how much good it's truly doing.  Maybe by 2014 I can wear a bikini...hahahahaha!  Or not!  I'll be 40 at the end of this year, so I don't see any bikinis in my future - especially at the rate we're working out.  It is fun, though! On a whiny note, my washing machine broke - I was doing laundry over the weekend, and when I went to unload the machine there was this horrible electrical burning smell - I quickly unloaded the machine and unplugged it from the wall - I called to see if a repairman can come by, and the earliest they can get here is next Tuesday!!!!  I am going to be up to my ears (literally) in laundry by then!  Ugh!  I guess I better start gathering the change.  Of course the machine had to break right before I washed all of my work clothes for the week - I spent over an hour washing them by hand in the made me truly appreciate the fact that we are in an age that no longer requires washboards!  Thank goodness our dryer still worked!  Wow...I am boring!  LOL!  I will try to have a more interesting post next time - til then!  :)