Monday, August 4, 2014

The End of Summer

I can't believe summer is almost over.  It seems like it just started, yet school is starting in just a couple of weeks!  Not ready!!!!  We had a kink in our summer plans - my BIL passed away, so our vacation was cancelled - which was fine.  We were where we needed to be.  We had planned to be at the beach, but decided to cancel it a couple weeks prior, as his passing was expected.  It was great to see all the family, I just hate the circumstances we were there.  :( He was a good man, good father, and will be missed by many.  We did try to have a little fun on the trip home - we stopped at South of the Border, which has got to be the world's tackiest tourist trap - but it was for the kids, who thought it was amazing, and we got some kicks and giggles out of the experience.  We were home for the 4th, and just enjoyed grilling out and enjoying the beautiful weather - it's normally REALLY hot and humid, but for SC it was beautiful!
We bought some sparklers for the kids, but just ended up watching all the neighbors shoot off fireworks.  It was fun.
The kids have had a blast all summer because they have been in day camp, and have had field trips 3 out of 5 days a week.  They have been everywhere from water parks to Chuck-E-Cheeses, and putt putt and go carts to indoor lazer tags - and much more!  I've been working...sigh!  I'm hoping that before school starts back in a couple of weeks we can at least take the kids away for a couple days and hit Carowinds - one day at the theme park riding rides, the next at the water park.  Wish me luck!  :) 
The past two weekends we have had bunches of fun.  My best friend and her family came down not only last weekend, but this weekend as well.  We had a great time bringing the kids to the pool, playing monopoly, going to our old college campus and just having a blast hanging out!  Don't get to do that nearly often was refreshing!  :)
A couple weeks ago we did get to attend a Riverdogs Baseball Game, courtesy of my kids' orthodontist - they had an appreciate dinner and game, and we had a blast!  It was my first game in about 10 years - would love to go back again very soon!!!  Such fun!  :) Temperature was amazing - 82 with a breeze - right on the water, so it wasn't hot at all...again, that just doesn't happen here often!  It's usually a blanket of humid heat. 
Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer - hoping for a smooth transition for all of you who have children heading back to school soon.