Thursday, December 5, 2013

Favorite Things - shamelessly stolen

Well - the Holiday season is among us - along with family visits, birthday parties, and juggling schedules to fit everything in.  Sound familiar?  It happens to us every year too.  Last week my kids and I went to visit my parents for a lovely Thanksgiving - it was great, but we did have a few setbacks.  My husband could not attend, because he somehow got Shingles of all kids have not had chicken pox, so he has been quarantined to the upstairs bonus room just in case.  He stayed home, so we made sure to bring him plenty of yummy leftovers.  Then my poor mom - two days before Thanksgiving she fell asleep in the recliner, woke up at 1:00 a.m., jumped up too fast and her foot had fallen asleep - she fell and sprained her ankle, and hit her back on the coffee table in the process.  So, we had a nice Thanksgiving, but dad and I did most of the preparation, and needless to say our traditional black friday shopping did not happen!  I did get to meet my bestie for lunch on Friday, which was wonderful - I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like, even though we live less than 2 hours from each other!  So...Saturday, my plan was to drive home and have everything Christmas up by Sunday...why...because my daughter's 10th birthday is today, and her party is on Saturday, AFTER her last tennis lesson and celebration.  I was feeling a bit rushed.  Got home, and hubby had cleaned around the mantle area...that's it...dishes were dirty, floor unvacuumed, stuff all over the place...I was NOT happy!  But...when I got everything packed away, and started getting ready to decorate, he jumped in and helped...and by Sunday, everything was done!  Whew!  So now, my MIL is coming in town today - dinner for birthday girl tonight.  Tennis Saturday morning, and birthday party Saturday night.  I have her gifts, but have not bought the first thing for the party.  So far we have 8 confirms out of 14 invitees.  Sigh!  House needs to be vacuumed, dusted, decluttered...I'll be glad once Saturday is done.  Then the following weekend Friday my friend is bringing me to see The Hobbit - for my birthday (which is approaching soon - the big 4 0!!!)  The 14th my kids are in a performance at the school - on a Satruday afternoon...then the neighborhood Christmas party is that night.  Busy, busy times!  Then da da da...the 16th I turn will be no fanfare, but hopefully a nice dinner will take place!  I don't need a lot, but I do like a good birthday dinner.  :)  And then Christmas - my MIL will be here for most of the month, and my parents will come down on Christmas Eve so that everyone will be here on Christmas morning.  I already have the presents under the tree...yay!  This is a first - I'm usually wrapping at the last possible moment!  I'm DONE!!!  And it feels so good.  :) on to my favorites list - I have seen these on other blogs, so thought I would shamelessly steel the idea and put one of my own on here...I don't have pictures to go with it, but oh goes:
1.  My Kindle Fire - it has books, movies, games all in one - love it!
2.  Soft fuzzy socks - I love when it gets colder so I can wear my collection of soft, cuddly socks - they are ugly, but oh so comfy!
3.  Air Wick Plug Ins - Applie Pie - makes the house smell good, even with 3 cats, 2 litter boxes and a turtle tank.  :)
4.  My collection of Frosty Follies - my mom started me on this collection of snowmen years ago, and the woman who created them died of cancer about 10 years ago - her family kept the collection going, but they are getting harder and harder to find - LOVE THEM!
5.  Clinique Happy - the only kind of perfume I can wear - I get migraines from strong scents, so this is perfect!!
6.  Bare Essentials Shadow Liner - Honestly, up until I received some from my mom recently, I had never heard of Shadow Liner.  The first time I tried it I wasn't even sure how to apply it - but it's sooooo easy, and goes on so much better than a liner pencil...and it stays on better too!  LOVE!
7.  My silver loop earrings from Premier Jewelry - I wear them practically every day and they never get old!
8.  Wen cleansing conditioner - I no longer use shampoo, but love Wen.  Yes, it's expensive, but soooo worth it! 
9.  Holiday Festival of Lights Ornament Collection - every year our local Recreational Park puts out an ornament based on the lights they display.  We have them all, starting from 1989 - 2012 (I need to get this year's soon!)  They are all delicate gold, and some have a splash of color - my absolute favorite is the ornament of the Old Cooper River Bridge from Charleston, SC - we have the new bridge too, but the old will always be my fave.
10.  Last, but not least, Aquafor!  I use it as chap stick, for my daughter's dry skin (she has some weird excema like thing, and it works wonders), for dry feet - and it lasts forever! 
 So - I hope everyone has a wonderful month full of festivity and fun - and have a very Merry Christmas!  :)