Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue October...isn't that a band? Or just my mood...

I am soooo over October. First, this begins the crazy season at work - benefit enrollment other words lots of unhappy employees coming to me to ask questions, ask more questions and blow off steam about how unhappy they are. Trust me, I don't like the changes either, so don't yell at me!! I just work here. Second, this is the time of year that school pictures are taken (meaning buy a package, or two), school fundraisers are in abundance (meaning spend more money on stuff you don't need) and school activities are overflowing (meaning I will somehow fit this into my schedule if it kills me). Add to that I have to find two Halloween costumes in the next week - they are SOOOO expensive, and I have tried to think of things to make at home, and we just don't have the stuff to do it! Ugh! I just went to 3 Dr. appts. in the past month, had two teacher conferences, and now hubby has a hurt shoulder and an MRI scheduled tomorrow. So...I am really, really ready for October to be done! But then comes the stress of car taxes due next month, Thanksgiving, daughter's birthday, and party in early December, followed by my birthday and then Christmas. So...I guess I'm already in panic mode. No money, no time, and no patience. Plus I found out I may be flying out of state for work early November soon. Yikes! It's still up in the air, but I need to know SOON if I'm going or not. Man...I guess I need to come on here and vent more often. I bottle it up for a month or two, then come on and vent. The funny thing is noone I know reads this - there may be someone out there who checks it out, but this is just my place to vent about everyday life, crazy events and work!
Anywho - that's really all I have to say. Oh...and I really do love the band Blue October! :) A thank you to them for giving me a label for my blog today.