Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of The World - And I feel fine (mostly)

Hi all - Well, according to the Mayan's we shouldn't be here today...and here we are.  Although, it's only 10:01 a.m. and the day isn't over yet - I'm pretty sure the Oreo won!  Haha!  Anywho - this has been an insane month, and I'm tired y'all!  But overall it's been good.  Of course, my heart has been heavy for the Sandy Hook tragedy - having kids of my own in 2nd and 3rd grade - it's just too close to home.  One thing that has helped me has been keeping busy.  At work I haven't had the media overload that a lot of others have had - oh sure, I went online and looked up stories and cried...but I haven't seen a news report on tv yet.  Not that I haven't wanted to, but we've been keeping the tv from the kids seeing it all - they are at an age they don't need to see so much tragedy, and I don't want to have to answer all the questions that come in the wake of that - call me selfish, but I don't know how I would answer those questions coming from a 7 year old!  What can you say?  You can't explain such a horrific event to a child because how would they understand when you can't even understand why?  Last Friday when I first saw it at work on Yahoo, it made me cry - I went in the bathroom and bawled for those children, their familes and the teachers - and this was before any names or count had come out - it just saddened me to no ends.  That evening my friend and I had plans to go see the Hobbit - I'll be honest, it was a blessed relief to be able to get my mind off of the tragedy, if only for a little while.  Saturday we were just as busy - Breakfast with Santa, haircut, Holiday Festival at the school, and our neighborhood Christmas Party - it was such a full day that, again, I was able to focus on good things and not the tragedy - except at the school when the prinipal got up to speak and we had a moment of silence for the lives lost at Sandy Hook.  It hit us all hard - there wasn't a dry eye in the cafeteria that day.  The principal never mentioned WHAT happened (there were hundreds of kids there, and she was very couth about how she addressed it).  We also received a memo from the school addressing the emergency safety plans following the recent events.  It's a sobering thought - this happened in a little small CT school, but it could happen anywhere.  Sunday was my birthday - it was hard to be a celebratory mood, but we tried and still managed to have fun - hubby and I went to see Skyfall, which was great!  Tragedy happens, but the world still turns.  We move on - a little more jaded and world weary, but we still find joy in the everyday things.  Hug your children, say I love you and make the most of every day.  Happiness is a choice - we can either drown in sorrow, or we can look at life and realize how blessed we are to have what we have, not get caught up in what we don't.  No one is immune to grief - death, heartache, loss - it affects us all at some point in our life.  I lost a brother when I was a teenager - it was hard.  My word of advice for those who have lost a loved one, whether in this tragedy or in another way - grieve, but don't let grief change who you are.  Live, laugh, love, cry...Feel!  Cherish the memories and hold on to the thought that the loved one you had was a blessing, and be assured that one day you will see them again!  One day...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis the Season to be Jolly

I have a love hate relationship with the holiday season!  From Thanksgiving to Christmas it's hectic and rushed.  Don't get me wrong - I truly do love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but when you throw in two birthdays in the mix, it gets a little hectic.  Thanksgiving was nice, but a little rushed.  We went to my folks, a couple hours away, and had to drive two cars because hubby had to work the next day, while I and the kiddos planned on staying the night.  We got some shopping done on Black Friday, which was fun, but then had to head home.  Due to the upcoming crazy weekends Thanksgiving weekend is the ONLY time I had free to decorate the house - so Saturday was spent cleaning and getting out my snowman collection, hanging the stockings and getting the Christmas plates and knick-knacks out in the house.  Sunday was saved for completing the tree - it all got done, but by Monday come time for work...I was bushed!  Plus...I decided that Monday was a good time to start going to the gym...I am so darn sore it's not even funny!!!  I had to have a co-worker help me get my jacket off today, and I couldn't lift my arms to brush my hair...I fluffed as best as I could, sprayed in place and headed to work... I look a little off, but's all good!  :) 

Friday my mother-in-law is coming Friday and spending the month with us - which I am really looking forward to!  She is a sweet woman, and it is nice to have her around during the Christmas holidays. preparation I have to strip down the guest bed, declutter and vacuum/dust the room (it becomes the boys man cave most weekends, so in other words saying it's messy is an understatement).  My daughter turns 9 next parents can only come down this weekend for her birthday - her party is the following weekend.  So, two weekends are tied up for her birthday, and I'm still not sure what we are doing for her kids party...sigh!  At least her gifts are bought.  :)  Yay!  Then the weekend after her kids party is my birthday.  I already have plans on Friday night with a friend who is bringing me to see the Hobbit!  Yay!  Can't wait!  So far I have nothing planned other than that, but I'm sure my hubby and MIL will come up with something - I'd be happy with just a dinner out!  Then the following weekend will be last minute shopping, getting prepared for Christmas Day, in which my parents will be coming to stay overnight, along with MIL.  It's crazy, but fun!  In the oh so much spare time I have, I still need to write Christmas cards and mail them (I always forget step, wrap the presents we currently have, buy all the stocking stuffers, figure out what we are going to eat on Christmas Day...ham probably, but I have no other ideas on what else. 

Oh...of course I forgot the best part!  The night before Thanksgiving, as I'm running around trying to get packed for our trip to my folks my son falls asleep around 6:30 - kind of odd, but didn't think much about it.  Figured he was tired from being at the Y all day (school's were closed).  As I walked into his room around 7:15 to get some clothes, he starts crying in his sleep, then bolts upright holding his right ear.  Uh-oh...that's never a good sign. we go to the Urgent Care Center...ruptured ear drum!!!  Sigh!  The same thing happened to my daughter over the summer THE DAY we were leaving to go on vacation.  What is it about my kids and getting sick at vacation and holidays???  So, anyway - he was treated and given lortab - night night???  Nope!  Wide open for the rest of the night!  Sigh!  So, nothing can be easy around our house - but one thing for sure is it is never boring!  :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderul holiday season - be safe, have fun, and hug all those loved ones around you!  :)  Most of all remember we are blessed!  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Football Weather is Here - Yay!!!

I get a little giddy when it starts to cool off - I don't know why, but I do!  I absolutely HATE the cold, but I love, love, love snuggling in a sweatshirt on a crisp fall day.  LOVE it!  We finally have started dropping down to the low 70's during the day and down into the 50's at night.  Just in time for Halloween...happy dance!  :) 

This weekend was perfect as far as weather goes.  The Susan G Koman had the race for the cure in our area, so my coworkers and I got a team together to walk in memory of our friend, Kelly, and honestly the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  Sunny, bright yet just a slight crisp in the morning air - made it a wonderful morning for a walk.  It started at 7:00 a.m. to catch the shuttles to the walk location...they also had a concert in town at the same location, so driving was not an option I was willing to partake in.  The shuttles would suit me just fine, thank you!  Actually, most of us met up at the shuttle location and had a blast riding together.  The shuttles ended up being regular yellow school busses.  We rode in the back like the bad was fun!  Haha!  For those of you who have not participated in the Race for the Cure before, I highly encourage it - not only is it for a wonderful cause, but it's also a lot of fun.  Lots of vendors handing out freebies, which is nice, but the atmosphere...oh the atmosphere is what is so great!  So many people, both survivors, friends and family, joining together to fight breast cancer - it's just amazing to see!  We plan on getting a team together every year - and I will be there! 

After the Race for the Cure went home to get ready for a visit from my parents.  It was a low key day, with the hilight going to Carrabas for lunch - yum!  And my Georgia Bulldogs won!!!  Yay!  :) 

The weekend was great...until last night.  My husband had just finished grilling our dinner and he asked to call in the kids.  They had been indoors most of the day (why I don't know - it was gorgeous out) so I told him that we could go ahead and eat - let them play about 15 more minutes.  So...I'm just about done eating when my daughter runs in the door informing me that her brother is hurt and crying.  I ask her to go bring him home (I was already in my pj's and not really wanting to go outside if I could help it).  Well...I was waiting at the door when I saw my daughter with her arm around her brother, and he was loudly sobbing holding his wrist...uhoh...not good!  We have managed to make it to ages 7 and 8 with nothing more than a nosebleed!  Well - he gets home and his wrist is swollen.  So, after a quick look and assessment my husband and I look at each other, nod in agreement - Medcare Express!  Since my husband had indulged in a few libations while grilling, I got the honors of bringing my son to the Dr.  Poor fella cried all the way there, but was so brave when he went to get the x-rays.  Turns out to be a buckle fracture - not a total break, but bad enough.  So, they put him in a temporary cast/splint and referred him to an ortho - we go tomorrow to find out if the splint will suffice, or if he needs a different cast.  Hopefully this will suffice.  Anyway - he was rewarded with not one, not two, but three lollipops and a certificate of bravery with a free ice cream coupon.  He even gave his sister one of his lollipops!  My sweet boy!  Anyway - the whole thing happened because my son was wanting to see what his sister and friend were doing and proceeded to climb up a fence to peek over - his friend pulled his legs to yank him down, causing him to fall and land on his arm.  Anyway - wish us luck at the ortho tomorrow! 

Next weekend should be more fun (hopefully) - there is a fall fest at the local YMCA, and it sounds like it will be a blast!  $5.00 per family - I think it's worth it to check it out at that price, anyway!  If it doesn't work out, they have a really cool sounding haunted walk which sounds fun!  We may do that anyway!  :)  I'm getting excited about Halloween - we have a very active neighborhood with lots and lots of kids, so it's always a fun night for everyone!  My daughter is dressing up as Draculara - for those of you who don't know, it's a Monster High Character - again if you don't worries!  Haha!  My son is dressing as Darth Vader - I told him if he gets a cast, he can just hold it out and pretend it's a light saber - haha!  He thinks I'm nuts. 

Happy Fall to all!  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodbye my friend

I just found out, minutes ago, that a dear friend and coworker just passed away.  I'm still in shock, and so angry that such a sweet, young life has been taken from us!  Only 43 years old - beautful, sweet, funny - everyone loved her!  Liver failure...due to breast cancer, chemo, injections and a genetic gene that affects the liver.  My boss and I went to see her in the hospital just last week...I'm so glad we did.  She was up and walking, and in good spirits, and we just knew she was going to beat this thing.  She was released to go home on Friday...then today...I just don't know what to say.  Kelly, my friend...I love you, miss you and will always remember you! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why post when I can read great blogs!

So...what have I been doing lately?  Obviously not posting here.  Between work, and kids, and hubby, and cats, and life...well I read other people's blogs!  Seriously - I am in awe of some of the daily haunts I visit...not a single one of them have I ever met in person...but I feel like I know them.  I read their posts with their witty stories and anticdotes and laugh with them.  I read their tragedies and sob at my desk...trying to keep it stifled so as not to alert my co-workers to my frowned upon extracurricular activities while at work.  Why then do I not write more?  Because I'm intimidated and completely suck at writing compared to these women who I feel I can call friends (although they probably don't even know who I am).  Even so...the blogging world is funny - it takes you to places you would love to be, to places you hope to NEVER be, and all the while you are soooo glad you are living your own journey.  I just don't have a clue how to make my life, which I love dearly and wouldn't trade for anyone else in the can I get that on the screen the way others can?  It's a daunting task.  So...that's why I'm gone for long bits of time.  But...I am alive, and happy, and soooooo glad football season is here!!!!  :)

Has everyone else's kids gone back to school yet?  Mine have been back for 2 weeks and are absolutely loving it.  Me too - but it's not the school so much as just a regular routine.  Our summer was chaotic - our house became the hangout house for the neighborhood - which at the start of summer was GREAT - I knew where my kids were at all time.  By the end of summer I didn't even want to open the door to another kid and threatened to lock mine out...whew - it was exhausting.  So, woohoo for school!  :)  Although - the first week wasn't even complete when we got the first fundraiser packet sent home...seriously???  And school pictures...they usually aren't until October - just in time to send the family at Christmas time! 

Anywho - hope everyone had a great summer - we went to the mountains for a week - rented a cabin and it was heaven.  Although, we could have done with less rain - it literally stormed every day we were there.  So, it cut out on some of the swimming and hiking time...but it was fun none-the-less.  Hoping to go back next year, and I can't wait!!!  Had one week sans kids, and it was great too - although all of my best laid plans for getting things done while they are gone never get completed!  Sigh...but the quiet is nice. 

Gotta tell a "fun" story about today - we had the blood mobile at work today.  I was the first one in - the lady gets me in the seat, preps my arm, sticks in the needle... as she's pulling her hand back to grab the tape, she accidentally jerks the needle out of my arm...I kid you not it looked like someone had slashed my arm.  I have blood running down my fingertips and pooling on the floor!!!  It was awful, but we all laughed...what else can you do?  So they tell me...we're going to have to use your other arm.  Which went smoothly - but it's a little freaky to have all of your co-workers come in to donate while there is a man with a biohazard bag cleaning up you spilt blood - if I were them I don't know that I would continue! instead of one arm bandaged up, I have both.  Anyone who donated gets their name in a pot for a day off with pay...I think it needs to be me!  Haha!  :) least they gave me a drink AND not one, but two snacks, when I left.  I can deal with that! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fever - anyone else have it yet?

So Spring is in the air - although we had such a mild winter it has felt on the verge of spring for months.  Anywho - is anyone else out there feeling the fever?  I am having such a hard time concentrating on work, or getting anything done...although, things have been sooooo crazy lately I feel like I'm constantly chasing my tail.  It started with last week.  Friday our company went Bronze...that's a huge deal within the corporation, so we had a big celebration on-site - games, food, dj, door prizes...the whole nine yards.  It was hot and sunny, and I got sunburnt bad...still peeling - ouch!  Then I had to leave there by 5:00 (although the celebration continued) because I had tickets to bring my son to Phineas and Ferb Live -which was a blast btw!  :)  We had to be there by 7:00 - needless to say I was a bit rushed.  Got home, put on deoderant and body splash (hey...I didn't have time for a shower, and I didn't want the people next to me wondering what was wrong with me...I had just spent the WHOLE day outside in the hot, blaring sun).  We didn't get home until well after 9:00 p.m.  My daughter had a sleepover at the school, and we were instructed that pickup time was 8:00 a.m. - seriously???  That's my one day to sleep in.  So I crawled out of bed at quarter til and threw on jeans, ponytailed the hair and was off.  The plan was to come home and get ready, because...we had to travel to a birthday party two hours away, and had to be there by noon.  It didn't happen - we went, but didn't arrive until after 1:00 p.m. - traffic was horrid, and weather was starting to get iffy.  Anywho - spent 4 hours in the car, and only 2 at the party.  Sigh!  It was for my best friends son, so it was worth the drive...but I was sooooo tired!  Sunday was a day of nothing but cleaning - house was a disaster (two everywhere...out all day Saturday - yeah it was needed).  Then the work week began...and I'm stressing because this Saturday is a local festival, and my best friend is coming down to go to it - that will be fun, and that's not what is stressing me.  The following day my MIL and her sister are coming to spend the week with us.  My MIL's brother and wife come in the following day.  Spring Break begins monday for the kids, so I need to make sure my house is company ready by Friday - because Saturday is already shot!  I can't wait to have the company, but at the same time I'm a bit know how it is when you feel like you're entertaining, even when it's just family?  Well...that's how it will be and I'm alreay tired thinking about it.  I want some downtime...serious downtime.  Sigh!  The next month will be just as crazy - my daughter is in a school play coming up (on a Saturday???) and my son's birthday is just a few weeks away.  And my best friend is getting married the same day of his birthday party!!!  How I'm going to juggle that I'm not quite sure yet...but we'll get it done.  I won't miss either of them, as they are too important!  So...anyway - things are going good...just busy, busy, busy and I need a long, long nap!  Just think - Easter is almost here.  Oh yeah...I got out my Easter Tree and decorations last night...they look so cute!  :)  Anyway - hope everyone has a wonderful Spring, and catches the fever like I did...just hope you get a nap! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Date Night - Dinner and Smooches

I am so excited!  The kids school is offering parents night out tonight, so hubby and I get to go out to dinner.  As in, nice, candlelit, adults only conversation dinner.  This NEVER happens!  I'm sooo excited!  We have had reservations for two weeks to this quaint little Italian Bistro downtown, and I'm already starting to drool thinking of all the yummy things this place has to offer.  Did I mention I'm excited!  :) 

My daughter cracked me up when I told her that daddy and I were going on a date.  She wrinkles her nose and goes "Ewwwwwwww!  All you're going to do it sit and smooch and give googly eyes, cuz that's what people do on dates"!  Haha!  The thoughts of an 8 year old girl...priceless!  I hated to burst her bubble and tell her that after 10 (almost 11) years of marriage, date nights aren't quite that sappy anymore. 

Hubby got the new job and starts next week!  He's thrilled, and can't wait to get back to the world of the working.  After a year of staying at home, being Mr. Mom and cook (I would say housekeeper, but I'd be lying!) he can't wait...and neither can I.  Now, I may actually be able to keep the house in some sort of decent order.  Maybe...give me two months and I'll let ya know! 

We are all going down to the Y tomorrow - one perk of hubby's job is we get $15/month family membership...not too shabby!  Looking forward to joining a Zumba class, or something along those lines. I've been keeping up with the Sweat It Out on Just Dance 3...that is so much fun!!!  I probably look like a fool trying to dance, but hey...I got 5 stars on Party Rockin In The House!!!!  Not too bad if I say so myself!  :) 

Anyway - I'm rambling while I should be working...but as I've posted before, it's really, really hard to work on Friday's.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday!

Hi all - I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for today? reason, I just love Fridays!  Nothing planned, nothing to have to prepare for but the end of the work day.  Fridays are jean it's comfortable, and relaxed, and who really works on Fridays?  No set plans for the weekend, and I'm VERY happy about that - I love weekends with no expectations.  Just the family and me hanging out, doing some light cleaning, and having fun.  We just recently got the game Just Dance 3 for our Wii...what a blast!  My daughter was rewarded by having a good report card, and I've all but taken it over...haha!'s a good workout.  Maybe I'll attain that goal of 20 lbs. after all.  :) 

I have nothing of importance to talk about, but my son completely made us laught last night.  We found him on the kitchen counter, and my husband asks him "What are you up to?"  to which my son immediately replied "No good"!  Hahaha!  Totally cracked us up...he's 6!  Nothing like honesty.  Hoot!

Anyway - as always when I come on here I don't have anything to mind is blank, but I just felt the need to come type.  I'm happy it's the weekend, and hoping the weather is nice enough to get out and enjoy some sunshine and get the kids out of the house for a bit.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well.  :)  Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My first post of 2012

Hello 2012 - this is the first post of the year, although it's almost February.  Almost can that be?  The year just started, and the month is almost over.  Wow!  Well, anywho 2012 is already starting out so much better than 2011 was.  Last year there were way too many deaths not only within our family, but among family friends as well.  It was a year of sadness and loss on many levels, that is for sure.  It was also a year of financial strife - my husband got to play Mr. Mom for the summer, since the job market was bad.  It was a struggle, but we made it.  Hubby went back to get his personal training certification, and just as the class ended in October he injured his shoulder - as in torn rotater cuff injury!  Yikes!  So, off to the Dr, and meds, and internship to complete certification, and job were placed on hold.  Then...I injured my back.  Went to the Dr. thinking I had a kidney infection, only to find out I had compressed disks!  Yikes!  So...more meds, and rest, and medical expenses.  Haha! you can see 2011 will not be missed!

So far in 2012 - My hubby got his internship, and clearance from the Dr. on his shoulder.  Woohoo!  Looks as if there may be a job opening for him once the internship is complete.  Double Woohoo!  Kids are doing AWESOME in school!   My back is better.  Everyone in the family is healthy and well.  My dad went on a mission trip overseas, and got home safely.  We have already booked and scheduled our summer vacation - sooooo excited!  Last year was the beach...this year the mountains!  :)  Come on July...

So, now that 2012 is here, there are some things I wish to accomplish.  With my hubby becoming a personal trainer, I definitely need to get in shape myself...I need to lose about 20 lbs.  They are starting a Zumba class in my neighborhood...sounds fun, and it's only $5/session.  I think I can swing that!  So...wish me luck.

More time with the kiddos - I definitely need to do more with the kids...I need to be more creative with our time, and make it very special.  Being a busy working mom, sometimes I just want to go home and veg... but I have two very needy children wanting my attention.  I need to give them my all - they are growing up before my eyes, way too fast!  Stop, play, read...whatever - just do it!  One day they won't want me around so much, so I need to enjoy it while I can!

More time with hubby - sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I forget to give my hubby the attention he deserves.  I mean, I know the kids keep us busy, and life in general is non-stop...but we need to stop, and remember why we are here in the first place.  We married for love, have two beautiful children as a result, and we need to keep that in mind and don't take it all for granted. 

More time for friends - I have been lacking in this area lately, and it makes me feel horrible. For example, I have a dear friend that I could have sworn I saw two months ago...counting back it was before my FIL passed away, and that was in June!  7 did that happen?  I'm a horrible friend!  I seriously need to carve out a little more time to devote to doing more with my friends - even if it's just a night doing nothing but sitting on the porch and chatting (those are actually some of the best nights)!  I have about 5 local friends I need to contact ASAP and make dates with.  And many more that are long distance I just need to call! 

Finances - Oh...the endless cycle of paying bills.  I know this will never end, but hopefully this will be the year that hubby gets a good job, our debt goes a little lower, and we can (maybe) splurge on a few items we've been talking about but never have quite enough in the piggy bank to get, new car since mine is old, fence in the yard, new carpet - again icky old,  new flat screen tv since ours died (sob). 

Well...I know there are many more things I could add to my 2012 list - some will happen (kids, hubby, friends), some we will see (20 lbs, Zumba...), and some I'm probably just dreaming about (car, fence, tv, carpet...).  Anyway - I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful 2012!  I'm going to try!  :)