Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fever - anyone else have it yet?

So Spring is in the air - although we had such a mild winter it has felt on the verge of spring for months.  Anywho - is anyone else out there feeling the fever?  I am having such a hard time concentrating on work, or getting anything done...although, things have been sooooo crazy lately I feel like I'm constantly chasing my tail.  It started with last week.  Friday our company went Bronze...that's a huge deal within the corporation, so we had a big celebration on-site - games, food, dj, door prizes...the whole nine yards.  It was hot and sunny, and I got sunburnt bad...still peeling - ouch!  Then I had to leave there by 5:00 (although the celebration continued) because I had tickets to bring my son to Phineas and Ferb Live -which was a blast btw!  :)  We had to be there by 7:00 - needless to say I was a bit rushed.  Got home, put on deoderant and body splash (hey...I didn't have time for a shower, and I didn't want the people next to me wondering what was wrong with me...I had just spent the WHOLE day outside in the hot, blaring sun).  We didn't get home until well after 9:00 p.m.  My daughter had a sleepover at the school, and we were instructed that pickup time was 8:00 a.m. - seriously???  That's my one day to sleep in.  So I crawled out of bed at quarter til and threw on jeans, ponytailed the hair and was off.  The plan was to come home and get ready, because...we had to travel to a birthday party two hours away, and had to be there by noon.  It didn't happen - we went, but didn't arrive until after 1:00 p.m. - traffic was horrid, and weather was starting to get iffy.  Anywho - spent 4 hours in the car, and only 2 at the party.  Sigh!  It was for my best friends son, so it was worth the drive...but I was sooooo tired!  Sunday was a day of nothing but cleaning - house was a disaster (two everywhere...out all day Saturday - yeah it was needed).  Then the work week began...and I'm stressing because this Saturday is a local festival, and my best friend is coming down to go to it - that will be fun, and that's not what is stressing me.  The following day my MIL and her sister are coming to spend the week with us.  My MIL's brother and wife come in the following day.  Spring Break begins monday for the kids, so I need to make sure my house is company ready by Friday - because Saturday is already shot!  I can't wait to have the company, but at the same time I'm a bit know how it is when you feel like you're entertaining, even when it's just family?  Well...that's how it will be and I'm alreay tired thinking about it.  I want some downtime...serious downtime.  Sigh!  The next month will be just as crazy - my daughter is in a school play coming up (on a Saturday???) and my son's birthday is just a few weeks away.  And my best friend is getting married the same day of his birthday party!!!  How I'm going to juggle that I'm not quite sure yet...but we'll get it done.  I won't miss either of them, as they are too important!  So...anyway - things are going good...just busy, busy, busy and I need a long, long nap!  Just think - Easter is almost here.  Oh yeah...I got out my Easter Tree and decorations last night...they look so cute!  :)  Anyway - hope everyone has a wonderful Spring, and catches the fever like I did...just hope you get a nap!