Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The sickies can go away now...please!

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it always hits our family hard in the area of sickness.  I was soooooo excited in the fall because my children barely missed a day of school - wishful thinking for me to expect it to continue...hahahaha!  Right!?  So,  January hits - my daughter gets strep - I take off 2 days.  My son gets some unknown virus (I still think he had bronchitis or walking pneumonia, but what do I know?) - they give him a prescription of cough medicine.  I take off a day with him.  Our washing machine broke - I had to take off a day for that (of course they were supposed to be there in the early a.m. but came closer to 5:00 p.m.).  Then I got something...I seriously think it was a very mild flu case (fevers, chills, sore all over, headache) but the test said no...but hubby agreed with me - we still think the doc. was wrong.  I was out yet another day.  Then son got sick AGAIN with ear pain.  I was afraid it was a repeat of the night before Thanksgiving when his eardrum ruptured.  Thank goodness it was only swimmers ear (bathtub is the only place he could have got that - there hasn't been any swimming here in a while).  He also had that horrendous cough, STILL, and they treated him for bronchitis - he still had crackling in his right chest.  So...out another day with him.  Sigh!  I have vacation scheduled for July already, and one day in March - we are going for my mom's birthday to see the travelling Broadway Show Les Miserables.  So...out of 3 weeks of vacation, I'm down to 4 remaining for the year!!!  Out of 1 week of PTO I have 19 hours left...seriously!!!  Sigh!  Maybe we'll be lucky and no one will get sick again this year.  Hey - I can hope! 

Besides everyone being sick, it's been pretty uneventful our way.  A couple birthday parties and weekend events for the kids, but that's about it.  My daughter and hubby did recently go to a Father/Daughter dance at the local Y - I thought that was so precious!  They had a ball!  :)  (This was the weekend I was sick, so I didn't get any pictures).  I am looking forward to March in a big way!  Next weekend I am meeting up with all of my old college friends - it's been (ahem) 20 years since we met, and we haven't seen each other in over 7 years!  I'm sooooo exited!  There are going to be 8 of us getting together, and I expect it will be a weekend full of memories, laughter and I'm sure a few drinks.  :)  As I stated above, the Les Miserables trip is in March also!  My mom and MIL both have March b-days, so the whole family (minus the kids) are going to the show - so excited!  I've seen it before, but it's one of those shows I could see over and over again without getting tired of it.  If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Yet...I still haven't seen the movie...sigh! 

It's so funny - I seem to think of a million things to write about when I'm away from the computer, but as soon as I start typing my mind goes blank.  Why is that?  I guess that's why I'm not a writer - I'd have one very dull book. 

Just curious, for anyone out there with kids.  My son will be turning 8 in May, and I still don't have any ideas (reasonably priced) for his birthday.  Anyone with sons please send me some fun ideas - everything here is a bit on the high side, and he has never had a "real" friends birthday party.  His sister has, and he is way overdue one!!  :) 

Gotta run for now - hope everyone out there has a wonderful Wednesday with no worries and lots of sunshine.  :)