Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring is Here!!!

Oh Spring Break - How I miss you already!!!  I worked two days last, and took the rest of the week off to have some fun time with the family, and out of town company.  It is always so hard returning to work after a nice long break...extra work to catch up on, trying to adjust to having to get up early again (oh how I miss sleeping in...even if for only an hour or two longer), and having to get the day started with the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready and to the bus stop on time...luckily it's right across the street, but it has passed right by a couple of times with the kids halfway down the driveway. 
Spring Break was nice, though.  Wednesday my son and I got haircuts - my daughter needs one desperately, but she was out at the time and I figured we could get her later.  Thursday, my best friend and her 4 kids came for a visit.  Hubby made a delicious pasta and smoked sausage meal, and then we caught up and vegged and had a movie marathon until 3:00 a.m. - I'm still trying to recoup from the lack of sleep!  Friday we went to Charlestown Landing - always a fun place to go.  The kids love the natural zoo area - we actually saw the Bobcat -I think for the first time ever. It's usually hiding in the tress.  This time the park had placed a huge cardboard box sideways in the natural enclosure, and it was sitting in the box (typical cat) and meowing at us from the shade.  My kids now want a bobcat!  Hahahaha!  Right...although it was really cute.  :)  We saw Puma's, a black bear, deer, a skunk, all sorts of wild birds, red wolves, bison and sheep.  They have a really cool otter habitat, and they are usually a riot to watch - very fun and interactive with the people...but they were curled up in a log fast asleep.  :(  Kids really enjoyed this part.  If you have every been to Charleston, Charlestown Landing is a great family place. We went on the replica of the original boat, and they have the stockades for where they punished naughty people...the kids love to stick their head and feet in the stockades, and it's a great photo op.  The kids enjoyed going in a replica of the settler's house - when asked if they would like to live in something like that they looked horrified - my daughter said "There are gaps in the walls - think of all the bugs that would get in!!!"  After about 3 hours of wandering around the park and being a bit hot and sweaty (it was 85 degrees) we headed home for hotdogs, burgers and fries!  Who wanted to eat good on a day like that???  Not me - give me some chili for my dog!!!  My friend's hubby, who had to work all week, was able to join us Friday night - then he picked up his daughter (from prior marriage) and brought her back on Saturday...so we had 4 adults and 7 kids, ranging in age from 11 to almost 2...it was crazy, but fun.  Although my friends oldest son got sick Friday night, and stayed sick the rest of the weekend.  :(  Poor guy - he was such a trooper the entire time!!  Saturday we left the kids with the guys and got out for Easter Basket shopping and a stop at Sally's Beauty to get some items to highlight my hair - my friend took care of my rather blah hair and gave it a little flair.  :)  It was way overdue, and it looks so much better!!  We stopped on the way home and got pizzas (no one wanted to cook again).  We joked around and said we probably both gained 5 lbs. over 3 days - she could afford to, as she is a little size 6...me - not so little.  Haha!  I don't need to be gaining anything anywhere, but Spring Break is a time to splurge.  First thing yesterday morning I got up and did my Zumba!!!  I didn't have the energy this morning, but we'll see about tomorrow. 
Last week (before Spring Break) we had something in our household that I've lived 41 years without having to deal with...my kids got lice!  OMG - what????  Ewwww!  A note went out from our school that someone in my son's class had it, and sure enough he must have picked it up.  Last weekend I spent hours treating both kids.  Both of them have super duper curly hair - my son's was manageable...my daughter - well, I wanted to cry because her's is in a constant state of thick, curly knottiness.  Ugh!  Brushing out her long locks with that tiny little metal comb was not at all fun.  But...we managed.  But oh the cleaning - and cleaning - and cleaning more was such a chore!!!  I have never done so much laundry in my life in one weekend!!!!  From sheets, blankets and pillows to stuffed animals, towels and clothes - soooooo much laundry!!!!  But - I did a second treatment Sunday night (just to be sure those suckers are gone) and I am satisfied that our house is now louse free (shudder) - thank goodness!!  I felt so dirty...but then when I found out most of my friends have already had to deal with it (my really, really clean freak friends) I didn't feel quite as bad.  Just hopefully that was a one time thing...do NOT want to deal with that ever, ever again!!!
So now that Spring Break is over, and it's back to real life...I'm playing catchup at work and I'm already looking forward to the next holiday...which isn't until Memorial Day.  Sigh!  My son's birthday is in May - so something fun to look forward to.  He wants to have a movie theater party the weekend the Avengers comes out.  My daughter wants me to put it off until the following weekend so that the girls can go see Pitch Perfect 2. LOL!  We'll see...it is HIS birthday. 
Anyway- lots going on, as always - hardly ever have time to write.  I've left so much out, but oh well - I write when I can.  :)
Spring is here and I'm so glad...but these allergies can go away now!!!