Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life is good, but oh so crazy!

Okay, I've been working in the HR field for going on 6 years. The first 4 years were wonderful, with a busy season and a slow season. Starting in the fall of 2006 everything changed. It went from being crazy, to continuously crazy, and now we're all wondering if there is an end in sight. After interviewing applicants left and right, it still seems we only get about 2 out of every 10 that come in the door. Why? Oh...can we say that it's not cool to be on probation for armed robbery! Seriously people! These are the people that walk in wanting a job. Now I must say, it is a manufacturing plant, but still...are there really that many bad people out there? Apparently so! me.

Sorry...didn't mean to start out my blog complaining, but I'm currently at work and completely stressed out. LOL! Today started out badly with me leaving the house with one screaming child. My youngest did NOT want to get out of bed, so he was difficult from moment one. Have you ever seen the movie Stepmom? I swear, most morning I feel like Julia Roberts in the opening scene trying to dress the boy...and these are my own kids!!! After dropping my kids off at daycare, I then proceed to work, only to get caught in traffic due to an accident, so what normally takes 20 minutes took an hour and half today. I called work and decided it was a good day to stop and pick up Burger King for the office...what's an extra 5 minutes in line when you're already over an hour late?

Once at work it's been non-stop...I shouldn't even be on here right now, but I do believe it would be for the company's benefit to let me come and vent for a few minutes or you may be reading about me on the evening news flash. Crazed working mom goes postal after bad day...details at 11:00!