Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May - Birthdays, Mother's Day

I can't believe how fast this month has been...the whole year has flown by so fast.  I say the same thing every year, but it really does seem to just zoom by.  Is it that we are just so much busier as a society or has time just sped up?  Everything is so fast paced.  May has been a pretty good month so far - my baby turned 8! We had his birthday party on Friday - 4 boys came over to the house, and 1 spent the night.  My daughter, not wanting to be the only girl at the party was allowed to invite one friend as well.  It turned out great - the boys were a little wild.  We didn't have any planned games, so we pulled out twister and just let them be boys - they played with boy toys (swords, lightsabers and plastic guns...I know guns seem to be taboo, but hey...they are boys!)  After pizza, cupcakes and ice cream most of them went home - the remaining kids were manageable, but they still didn't go to sleep until after 1:00 a.m. - meaning my hubby left them to me, and grandma retired early...so I was left to monitor them!  They stayed amused, though - my son had 2 Lego sets, and he dove right into one of them. My MIL had given my daughter a decorate your own hairband set, so she and her friend were occupied with that - completed them all!  They did a great job!  Saturday after donuts the kids went home, we brought the kids to have haircuts - both of my children have curly hair (especially my son) and they were both starting to look a bit unkempt.  My son got upset at school the other day when another kid toldhim that his hair was so thick you could hide a house in there...he didn't like that!  LOL!  You can now see his face again, and no houses were found in the process.  :)  My daughter wanted to grow her hair out, but it's soooooo tangly when she tries - so we cut it up to her chin, and it is so absolutely precious...it truly is adorable and suits her so well!  After haircuts we went back to the house and my parents came down for the day - it's a nice combination of being able to celebrate my son's birthday, and have both mom's there to celebrate Mother's Day as well!  We all went to a local Chinese Buffet and stuffed ourselves silly, only to go home and eat cake!  Buddy got to open more presents, and his sister even got a couple things from the grandparents as well!  It was a pretty good day!  Mother's Day was quiet, but it was nice - I got a sweet ceramic flower bowl that my daughter made for me in art class - it's rather pretty, if I say so myself!  My son made a paperclip butterfly, and his picture is where the butterfly body should be - it's so cute!  :)  I also got some sweet homemade and store bought cards from the hubby and kids.  I love my kiddos and am so proud to be their mama!  I have nothing else exciting going on in my life - my work travel has stopped (thank goodness) and I'm trying to lose a few pounds before we go on vacation in July - back to the mountains again for hiking, swimming and just enjoying some downtime with the family (no cell phones or tvs!!!  Woohoo!)  :)  I can't wait.....I need some good R&R that only the mountains can provide! 2 months to go...that's not very long...can I lose 15 lbs. in that amount of time?  Sigh! Probably not, but I can hope! 
Been trying to up my reading a bit lately now that I have my kindle, so if anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know.  I'm currently reading The Hangman's Daughter, which is the first in a set of 3.  So far it's good, but I'm only on chapter 2...not too far into it yet.  I recently finished Divergent (book 1) and Insurgent (Book 2) of the Divergent Series - Book 3 doesn't come out until October, and it's driving me up a wall to finish it!  Winter Garden is another book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  After I finish the current series, I plan on reading The Dinner - I've heard lots about it, and it's got me intrigued. 
Anyway - until later!