Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goodbye my friend

I just found out, minutes ago, that a dear friend and coworker just passed away.  I'm still in shock, and so angry that such a sweet, young life has been taken from us!  Only 43 years old - beautful, sweet, funny - everyone loved her!  Liver failure...due to breast cancer, chemo, injections and a genetic gene that affects the liver.  My boss and I went to see her in the hospital just last week...I'm so glad we did.  She was up and walking, and in good spirits, and we just knew she was going to beat this thing.  She was released to go home on Friday...then today...I just don't know what to say.  Kelly, my friend...I love you, miss you and will always remember you! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why post when I can read great blogs!

So...what have I been doing lately?  Obviously not posting here.  Between work, and kids, and hubby, and cats, and life...well I read other people's blogs!  Seriously - I am in awe of some of the daily haunts I visit...not a single one of them have I ever met in person...but I feel like I know them.  I read their posts with their witty stories and anticdotes and laugh with them.  I read their tragedies and sob at my desk...trying to keep it stifled so as not to alert my co-workers to my frowned upon extracurricular activities while at work.  Why then do I not write more?  Because I'm intimidated and completely suck at writing compared to these women who I feel I can call friends (although they probably don't even know who I am).  Even so...the blogging world is funny - it takes you to places you would love to be, to places you hope to NEVER be, and all the while you are soooo glad you are living your own journey.  I just don't have a clue how to make my life, which I love dearly and wouldn't trade for anyone else in the can I get that on the screen the way others can?  It's a daunting task.  So...that's why I'm gone for long bits of time.  But...I am alive, and happy, and soooooo glad football season is here!!!!  :)

Has everyone else's kids gone back to school yet?  Mine have been back for 2 weeks and are absolutely loving it.  Me too - but it's not the school so much as just a regular routine.  Our summer was chaotic - our house became the hangout house for the neighborhood - which at the start of summer was GREAT - I knew where my kids were at all time.  By the end of summer I didn't even want to open the door to another kid and threatened to lock mine out...whew - it was exhausting.  So, woohoo for school!  :)  Although - the first week wasn't even complete when we got the first fundraiser packet sent home...seriously???  And school pictures...they usually aren't until October - just in time to send the family at Christmas time! 

Anywho - hope everyone had a great summer - we went to the mountains for a week - rented a cabin and it was heaven.  Although, we could have done with less rain - it literally stormed every day we were there.  So, it cut out on some of the swimming and hiking time...but it was fun none-the-less.  Hoping to go back next year, and I can't wait!!!  Had one week sans kids, and it was great too - although all of my best laid plans for getting things done while they are gone never get completed!  Sigh...but the quiet is nice. 

Gotta tell a "fun" story about today - we had the blood mobile at work today.  I was the first one in - the lady gets me in the seat, preps my arm, sticks in the needle... as she's pulling her hand back to grab the tape, she accidentally jerks the needle out of my arm...I kid you not it looked like someone had slashed my arm.  I have blood running down my fingertips and pooling on the floor!!!  It was awful, but we all laughed...what else can you do?  So they tell me...we're going to have to use your other arm.  Which went smoothly - but it's a little freaky to have all of your co-workers come in to donate while there is a man with a biohazard bag cleaning up you spilt blood - if I were them I don't know that I would continue! instead of one arm bandaged up, I have both.  Anyone who donated gets their name in a pot for a day off with pay...I think it needs to be me!  Haha!  :) least they gave me a drink AND not one, but two snacks, when I left.  I can deal with that! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!