Thursday, July 16, 2015

Random thoughts as I listen to the rain

So I don't have anything wonderful to write about - just random thoughts as I sit at work and wish the day away wishing it was Friday. It's been one of those weeks - not that it's been bad, just trying.  I had two "focus group" meetings at work - they were more of what I would call bitch sessions than anything else, but we did get a few ideas out of them...but one Tuesday and one today - they wore me out!  Mostly gripes about things I have absolutely no control over what-so-ever.  But, employees don't like to hear that from HR - they want answers, solutions, and immediately.  Sigh!  Sometimes it just doesn't work that way - trust me...I want answers and solutions to many things immediately as well.  Seriously - is it Friday yet? 
I'm sitting here listening to the rain outside - it's actually rather soothing.  It's been so dang hot this summer, that the rain may cool it off a little...either that or turn the outside into one big in the south you just never know what you're going to get!  But I'll take it over the cold any day.
My son finally got his braces off - yay!  His teeth look pretty amazing.  Not even a week later my daughter got them. Ack! So - braces back to back.  Yay! My baby girl starts middle school in just a month - I'm still struggling with that.  My first born heading to middle is it possible?  Wasn't she just in diapers, like, yesterday???  Hold them close while you can - before you know it they are grown!  I know I still have a few years left with her at home, but if it goes as fast as the first 11 years....well yikes!!!  She's already at the age of pulling away, and oh it hurts.  She is still mama's girl, and will still come sit in my lap (even though she's only 1 inch shorter than me - haha). in and day out she wants to hang out with her friends, have privacy in her room - makes me knock on the door (which I's the polite thing to do). I'll go in her room to put away clothes and she's like "Why are you always in my room?" with that sassy tone...seriously?  You go do your laundry and put it away, are well past old enough! can be crazy.  However, there are those wonderful moments, like on the 4th of July, where we just rented an old 80's movie (it was raining so we didn't do fireworks) and had a girls night in - it was fun. 
My son - oh my son.  Still my heart!  He is my sweet child and has such an old soul.  This is the one who, as the judge during apples to apples, chooses waterfall as being closest card to "sad" - because the waterfall is the earth's way of crying!!! What??  He's 10 -  how does he come up with that???  Naturally no one else questioned him.  He's getting ready to go into the top of elementary - only one year away before he goes to middle school...not sure which will be tougher.  My first going, or my last???!!!  Yikes!
I'm ready for vacation - summer so far has not been fun. I mean, don't get me wrong - weekends are nice.  My mother-in-law has been down, so it's been a good visit.  My kids have been so busy with friends that on days I can go to the pool, they aren't here or don't want to go.  My parents did have the kids for a week, and hubby and I had a nice break - we did enjoy some alone time - cuddled watching movies, had a few mixed drinks and danced to our music...silly things, but it was good. But...vacation is almost upon us, and I am sooooo excited.  Only one thing may put a kink in our plans, but I'm trying to stay positive -either way it will be fun.  My friends family has a time share, and we get to go to Orlando for a week - we were going to do Disney, but with so many people and kids it was just waaaaaaay too much mooolah!  Wow - those tickets aren't cheap!  Yow! So...we are going to LEGOLAND for two days - one the park, the other day the water park.  The kids are thrilled.  Heck - I'd be thrilled just to go to Orlando without the park passes, but it will be great. The possible husband is a realtor, and they just wrote a contract up on a home yesterday for his buyer - the date of the closing just might happen to fall during the week we are supposed to be on vacation...which means 1.  We drive two cars and he leave early.  2.  He miss the entire week due to having to assist the buyer with the home inspections.  or 3. praying that the closing miss vacation by a week and we can all enjoy ourselves.  Otherwise it will be my family (minus hubby) plus my friends family - and her husband being the only guy all week long.  :(  I REALLY don't want that to happen, especially considering they invited us.  However, this is a significant sale, and it is my husband's what can he do? Adulting at times can be really hard, ya know!? 
One truly, truly awesome thing that has happened this summer - about 8 weeks ago I gave up sodas - completely, and cold turkey.  I have never been a diet soda fan, but decided I was tired of the extra empty calories.  So....that was step one.  Second, I got a zumba set for Christmas last year - I set my mind to doing it at LEAST every other day (no less) and signed up on My Fitness Pal - tracking my food and exercise has been the best thing ever - In 8 weeks I've lost 13 pounds.  I have 2 new bathing suits I'm not afraid to go out in, and I feel better than I ever have!  Monday I twisted my ankle, and had to take 2 days was my first day back, and even one extra day had me feeling icky!  I'm addicted to Zumba!  I love it - so much fun!  And seeing exciting!  So - not getting to the pool more often has kind of bummed me out. Darn it,  I finally lose weight, get 2 bathing suits I like, and no one wants me to show them off...hahaha (not that I'm all that...truly, I have a ways to go). 
Books - been trying to keep up my reading over the summer.  I just finished The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks - good book, but it took me a while to get through it. His books read so similar, but they are pretty easy reads.  I just finished another one last night that really turned the wheels in my head!  It was so different from anything I'd read before, and just based on the cover I figured it was some type of crazy erotic romance - however, it's not - I don't normally read those type books, and if it hadn't been recommended by a friend I would have passed right over it without a second glance.  The book is Mud Vein by Terryn Fisher - amazing book!!!  If you like psychological strangeness (I really don't know if I would say "thriller", per se), read this book - it's bizarre, but truly amazing!  I've never read any of her books before, but will be checking more of them out. 
I'm also reading Wonder - I've been wanting to for a long time, as I've heard wonderful reviews on it. Turns out that my son has to read over the summer for his upcoming class, and Wonder happens to be one of the choices on his list.  We are reading it together - I'm trying to get him to love reading like me - he just doesn't.  But...reading it together has been fun, and he's enjoying the storyline. We take turns reading chapters. :)
Anyway - it's almost time to go home - seriously...all of these words were typed in about 15 minutes...just random stuff on my mind and a quick set of typing fingers.  LOL! I should get on here more often, but sometimes the thoughts flow more freely when I don't.  Til next time - hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!