Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Smile - Sob

My 7 year old daughter did the sweetest thing last night, out of the blue. She was busy working at the kitchen table, over what I though was drawings or such. She was there for a very long time, and when I walked into the kitchen, was told by my husband I was not allowed over there. Turns out that she was writing me a letter - the sweetest, dearest thing I've ever seen - I need to post it verbatum later, but in a nutshell she went on to tell me what a wonderful mother I was, and how much she loved me! It was a whole piece of paper full of her 7 year old thoughts...if you think I didn't get teary eyed over! Then the poor darling wanted to decorate it to make it pretty - she colored on the back with a marker, and the page tore! You would have thought her little world ended - it was heartbreaking because she had worked so hard. :( I don't care if is torn or's a keeper in my book! Sooooooo sweet!

Life continues to be crazy. I have been fighting this upper respiratory crud for almost a month now - I finally caved and went to the Dr. last friday - yep upper respiratory infection and sinusitis. I am taking antibiotics (that sulfur junk) and some codeine based cough's getting better, but everyone at work was ready to take me out to the field and shoot me earlier - i still have these horrific coughing fits! Sooooo ready for it to be gone! Yuck!

Did anyone out there know that today is Dr. Seuss's b-day? I was told by my kids - they are celebrating his bday at school today! LOL! Just a tidbit of trivia for you! :)

Gotta run