Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis the Season to be Jolly

I have a love hate relationship with the holiday season!  From Thanksgiving to Christmas it's hectic and rushed.  Don't get me wrong - I truly do love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but when you throw in two birthdays in the mix, it gets a little hectic.  Thanksgiving was nice, but a little rushed.  We went to my folks, a couple hours away, and had to drive two cars because hubby had to work the next day, while I and the kiddos planned on staying the night.  We got some shopping done on Black Friday, which was fun, but then had to head home.  Due to the upcoming crazy weekends Thanksgiving weekend is the ONLY time I had free to decorate the house - so Saturday was spent cleaning and getting out my snowman collection, hanging the stockings and getting the Christmas plates and knick-knacks out in the house.  Sunday was saved for completing the tree - it all got done, but by Monday come time for work...I was bushed!  Plus...I decided that Monday was a good time to start going to the gym...I am so darn sore it's not even funny!!!  I had to have a co-worker help me get my jacket off today, and I couldn't lift my arms to brush my hair...I fluffed as best as I could, sprayed in place and headed to work... I look a little off, but's all good!  :) 

Friday my mother-in-law is coming Friday and spending the month with us - which I am really looking forward to!  She is a sweet woman, and it is nice to have her around during the Christmas holidays. preparation I have to strip down the guest bed, declutter and vacuum/dust the room (it becomes the boys man cave most weekends, so in other words saying it's messy is an understatement).  My daughter turns 9 next parents can only come down this weekend for her birthday - her party is the following weekend.  So, two weekends are tied up for her birthday, and I'm still not sure what we are doing for her kids party...sigh!  At least her gifts are bought.  :)  Yay!  Then the weekend after her kids party is my birthday.  I already have plans on Friday night with a friend who is bringing me to see the Hobbit!  Yay!  Can't wait!  So far I have nothing planned other than that, but I'm sure my hubby and MIL will come up with something - I'd be happy with just a dinner out!  Then the following weekend will be last minute shopping, getting prepared for Christmas Day, in which my parents will be coming to stay overnight, along with MIL.  It's crazy, but fun!  In the oh so much spare time I have, I still need to write Christmas cards and mail them (I always forget step, wrap the presents we currently have, buy all the stocking stuffers, figure out what we are going to eat on Christmas Day...ham probably, but I have no other ideas on what else. 

Oh...of course I forgot the best part!  The night before Thanksgiving, as I'm running around trying to get packed for our trip to my folks my son falls asleep around 6:30 - kind of odd, but didn't think much about it.  Figured he was tired from being at the Y all day (school's were closed).  As I walked into his room around 7:15 to get some clothes, he starts crying in his sleep, then bolts upright holding his right ear.  Uh-oh...that's never a good sign. we go to the Urgent Care Center...ruptured ear drum!!!  Sigh!  The same thing happened to my daughter over the summer THE DAY we were leaving to go on vacation.  What is it about my kids and getting sick at vacation and holidays???  So, anyway - he was treated and given lortab - night night???  Nope!  Wide open for the rest of the night!  Sigh!  So, nothing can be easy around our house - but one thing for sure is it is never boring!  :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderul holiday season - be safe, have fun, and hug all those loved ones around you!  :)  Most of all remember we are blessed!  :)