Friday, February 10, 2012

Date Night - Dinner and Smooches

I am so excited!  The kids school is offering parents night out tonight, so hubby and I get to go out to dinner.  As in, nice, candlelit, adults only conversation dinner.  This NEVER happens!  I'm sooo excited!  We have had reservations for two weeks to this quaint little Italian Bistro downtown, and I'm already starting to drool thinking of all the yummy things this place has to offer.  Did I mention I'm excited!  :) 

My daughter cracked me up when I told her that daddy and I were going on a date.  She wrinkles her nose and goes "Ewwwwwwww!  All you're going to do it sit and smooch and give googly eyes, cuz that's what people do on dates"!  Haha!  The thoughts of an 8 year old girl...priceless!  I hated to burst her bubble and tell her that after 10 (almost 11) years of marriage, date nights aren't quite that sappy anymore. 

Hubby got the new job and starts next week!  He's thrilled, and can't wait to get back to the world of the working.  After a year of staying at home, being Mr. Mom and cook (I would say housekeeper, but I'd be lying!) he can't wait...and neither can I.  Now, I may actually be able to keep the house in some sort of decent order.  Maybe...give me two months and I'll let ya know! 

We are all going down to the Y tomorrow - one perk of hubby's job is we get $15/month family membership...not too shabby!  Looking forward to joining a Zumba class, or something along those lines. I've been keeping up with the Sweat It Out on Just Dance 3...that is so much fun!!!  I probably look like a fool trying to dance, but hey...I got 5 stars on Party Rockin In The House!!!!  Not too bad if I say so myself!  :) 

Anyway - I'm rambling while I should be working...but as I've posted before, it's really, really hard to work on Friday's.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday!

Hi all - I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for today? reason, I just love Fridays!  Nothing planned, nothing to have to prepare for but the end of the work day.  Fridays are jean it's comfortable, and relaxed, and who really works on Fridays?  No set plans for the weekend, and I'm VERY happy about that - I love weekends with no expectations.  Just the family and me hanging out, doing some light cleaning, and having fun.  We just recently got the game Just Dance 3 for our Wii...what a blast!  My daughter was rewarded by having a good report card, and I've all but taken it over...haha!'s a good workout.  Maybe I'll attain that goal of 20 lbs. after all.  :) 

I have nothing of importance to talk about, but my son completely made us laught last night.  We found him on the kitchen counter, and my husband asks him "What are you up to?"  to which my son immediately replied "No good"!  Hahaha!  Totally cracked us up...he's 6!  Nothing like honesty.  Hoot!

Anyway - as always when I come on here I don't have anything to mind is blank, but I just felt the need to come type.  I'm happy it's the weekend, and hoping the weather is nice enough to get out and enjoy some sunshine and get the kids out of the house for a bit.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well.  :)  Happy Friday!