Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy New Year...or January 17th (I'm a little behind).

Hope Everyone has had a great start to 2017.  So far it's been okay for our family. Thanksgiving and Christmas were great - we survived all the birthdays and events thrown at us.  I question it every year, but we always make it through somehow!  :)  Christmas was spent at home with my parents and inlaws in town.  My parents just moved in December, so during all of the craziness that the month brings, they were bringing us all sorts of things they no longer wanted...but I did...oh so much!  We got a new kitchen table, hutch and dry sink, entertainment center and bookshelf.  I can't believe they didn't want it, but since they were downsizing they decided they wouldn't have room for everything.  I'm beyond thrilled!  Not only is the furniture new to us, it is the furniture of my childhood - something I knew I would get one day, but I got it a lot sooner than I had expected or hoped!  It's all soooo pretty. :)  Oh...I forgot to mention the sofa and end tables, chairs and the homemade game boards that my mom and dad made years ago - they were going to get rid of them...I said NO!!!  See the pretty furniture below.  :)

 Hutch - all decorated for Christmas
 Entertainment Center - our tv was too big for the tv spot, so that now hides all of our board games!!  :)
 Dry sink - the match to the hutch

The table - before table cloth and after below...it's beautiful without but keep going to find out WHY we have to keep a tablecloth on it. 

 Our family and best friends celebrating New Years together - love the selfie stick!  LOL!

Finally...the reason a tablecloth is necessary...we have 4 (yes 4) cats - and no matter how hard we try to keep them from getting on the table, we gave up on that battle a long time ago.  It's like one gets down, another gets up...and so on...sigh!  It's a losing battle!  Haha!

Anyway - January has been good so far - no real resolutions, as I don't stick with them very well.  However, I do want to get back into some sort of workout routine...we'll see what happens.  Work is going well, and the kids are doing great at school.  My daughter just got back from Junior Beta Club state convention in Myrtle Beach and had a blast.  The school year is just rearing up again, and along with it the activities.  I'm hoping to make it til Spring Break...maybe a mini vacay at that time.  Who knows!  Anyway - Happy Late New Year, and have a wonderful rest of January.  I'll try to pop in more often this year.