Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Any suggestions on proper punishment for my two kids (ages 9 and 10)?  They took my kindle outside yesterday without permission, then proceeded to drop it and crack the screen...I am so angry right now!!!  Seriously - my husband and I don't know what the proper punishment should be - right now we are at Absolutely No Electronics for 2 weeks, and grounded to the house with no friends.  What were they thinking???  They wanted to take pictures...they have a camera, and they have their own Kindles...why mine, and why didn't they at least ask???  I think that is what makes me the most angry - they know I don't allow them to play my Kindle inside...why would they think it's okay to take it outside???  Ugh!  Anyway - they got the wrath of mom last night, and cried most of the night away - my daughter said her stomach hurt with guilt (until she got sassy and tried really hard to dig her hole deeper...grrrrr!)  My son took the blame for the drop and said they deserve to be punished...well, yes, but how responsible of him.  He was coming up with ways to be punished...he's 9...who does that?  Anyway - onto happier topics!! 

School is out - it is unfortunate that the first week of summer turns out to be grounding for the kids, but they did it to themselves!  Weather has been beautiful - I walked 2 miles last night and the night before - and if it stays nice will walk 2 more tonight!  :)  Taking advantage before it gets ridiculous muggy hot! 

We got vacation planned and will be going to Edisto Beach - can't wait! My Mother-In-Law will be going with us, and possibly one of Abby's friends (depending on if she's in trouble or not...haha).    Her mom (my friend) may come join us for a couple of days as well - that would be so much fun!!  My parents usually go on vacation with us, but this year they went on a cruise, so they won't be going with us.  Maybe we can convince them to come down for a day or two...we'll see! 

Anyway - gotta get back to it 5:00 p.m. yet???