Friday, August 30, 2013

Long Labor Day Weekend - Woot Woot!

It's been so long since I've posted, but summer can sometimes be a little crazy and the next thing you know it's over and school is back in session!  Zoom...just that quick.  So, our summer was great - kids were in camp all summer, with the exception of one week at my parents, and another week when we went on vacation with the family.  That was a fun week - a full week with my family - hubby, kids, parents and mother-in-law in a cabin at Table Rock State Park, in SC.  This made the second year we rented the same cabin, and it was terrific - right across from the playground and lake, and just around the corner from the hiking trails and waterfalls.  No tv, no internet, and no phone service - yes, heavenly!  The weather cooperated for us this year - last year it rained every single day...this year only one day of rain, and a few night showers.  We swam...a lot.  The water was cooooooollllllllddddddd!  My daughter went off the high dive for the first time - she didn't like it at all, but she went one more time to be sure.  Haha!  We rode paddle boats, played games, and took a trip into downtown Greenville.  Can't go into Greenville without checking out Mast General Store or O.P. Toys - very cool stuff!  I wish I could go back...another week would be nice!  The weather actually was so nice while we were there (in July...) that we actually got to eat outside one evening - no bugs, no humidity...and my kiddos got their first experience with roasting marshmallows and eating 'smores.  Fun, fun, fun times - messy, but fun!  Once we got back home the rest of the summer just seemed to fly by.  Kids have now been in school for 2 is that even possible??? My babies are now in 3rd and 4th grade...hard to believe.  My son got in the gifted and talented program this year - proud mama!  My daughter is mad because he's younger and she never got in.  She was NOT happy...but she hates homework and the program he is in just has more.  So, that appeased her somewhat. They seem to be enjoying it, though - that's what is important.  Now Labor Day is here...already.  We have plans with friends all weekend long and I'm so excited - Lake Lure NC.  Hanging out with my bestie and her family, boating and just having fun - 7 kids, 4 adults...think we are outnumbered???  It will be fun!  Hope everyone has a very fun and safe labor day!