Friday, October 9, 2015

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...into the future!

Time for my quarterly update - or so it seems.  Ha!  So much has happened in the last few months I don't even know if I can remember it all.  We'll start with July vacation!  Spent an absolutely wonderful week with great friends in Florida.  My friend's in-laws own two time-shares based in Las Vegas, and they were able to get them transferred to Orlando - so we spent $180 for a 2 bedroom suite for the whole week...not too shabby!  We thought about Disney, but ended up spending two days at LEGOLAND - the first day at the water park, and the second riding the rides and watching shows.  So much fun!  Aside from the park, we spent most of the time at the resort - there was tons to do - arts and crafts (we did tie dye shirts with the kids), paddle boats, 14 swimming pools, a water park on site (we didn't spend the extra it cost to do that since we already went to one), a movie theater, game room, gym, tennis courts and they even had Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, and Hershey's Ice Cream Shoppe right across the street - plus a restaurant and pizza shop!  So...we stayed busy and had a blast!  We found this amazing Italian Restaurant that was a few miles away, and thanks to, we had a fabulous meal for all 11 of us at a very reasonable price.  Fun times - many laughs, busy days, and tons of pictures to capture the memories.  After we got home it was go, go, go time!  One week before school started back, so it was shopping for supplies, clothes and getting haircuts.  Since we were gone for registration, I had to go to the schools (plural because my daughter started middle school this year) to get them registered, and in the process they messed up her we had to get that fixed.  She's playing in the band this year, so had to get my old clarinet to the shop to get re-padded (BTW - if you have a wooden clarinet, that starts out at almost $300!!!!!  OMG - who knew???)  I'm still waiting for it - we have a loaner in the meantime. 
August - started out smoothly.  The weekend after school started my hubby's aunt turned 90 - they had a big ice cream social to celebrate her big day.  Since she lives about 5 hours from us, the thought of driving up there for a 2 hour gathering seemed a little crazy...but at the same time, we did not want to miss out on it, because...she's 90!  So - we went, and on the way home decided to take an overnight trip near Charlotte and brought the kids to Carowinds - we had such an amazing time, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  All the fun, crazy rides, and then there were a couple torrential downpours, so we got soaked, then waited out the rain while watching a was truly a great day.  Then...all hell broke loose.  The third week of school, my daughter (who is usually fairly easy to get along with - although she is at that horrible hormonal stage that makes her seem like the many faces of Eve at times)...Anyway - she got mad at me one night over what I thought was a minor argument - my son and I went out for yogurt (and even asked if she wanted to go), and when we got back she was gone.  Like GONE!  My husband was in the bedroom and thought she was with me - after 30 minutes of driving around (at night, in the dark) and trying not to have a panic attack, I see her walking on the side of the road...2 MILES from our house!!!  I swear, I have never been so scared, and so relieved, in my life! I just don't know what she was thinking, and I'm not sure she does either - she is now really upset and embarrassed by the whole situation and has sworn all of us to never, ever speak of it again.  Before we stopped talking about it, we had a nice, long chat - honestly we didn't ground her or do anything rash - she was upset, and scared and I think she honestly didn't know what she was doing, and had gone so far from home, I think she truly frightened herself (and all of us in the process).  It was a rough few days for everyone, because as parents we were questioning everything! Where did we go wrong, what did we do, will this happen again, why??? - we aren't overly strict, but we do have expectations...anyway.  Hard time, rough patch, but we're doing better now. I had to go to work the next day, and I walked into my bosses office, closed the door and burst into tears.  It was such an emotional day - I could get NOTHING done at work stewing over everything that had happened.  This happened on Monday night right before Labor Day. We had contemplated not allowing her out with friends, but then she got invited to go back to Florida with one of her best friends - LEGOLAND and Sea World...we didn't have the heart to tell her no, and honestly ...we figured it would be good for her to be with a good friend, and have a bit of distance from the situation -for everyone!  She's been a completely different person since then. 
I wondered if all the stress of middle school was causing some of this, but I'm not sure. Her grades are the best she has ever had!  Her lowest grade is a 92 - I am so proud of her!  She has really stepped up to the plate. 
We got her a phone - I did not look at it as a reward (and told her as much) but we had promised her months ago that she would have one before school started...well, it was a little later than originally promised, but she has one now.  I feel better knowing I can reach her at anytime. 
My son - oh...that whole situation broke his heart!  He idolizes his sister, and being my sensitive child, it has made a mark on him.  When we came in the house and she was gone, he started keening - I don't know another way to put it, but it was a moaning, sobbing wail. :(  Breaks my heart.  He has adjusted to school okay - not as well as his sister, and I'm supposed to meet with the teacher next week.  He's not doing "bad" but he's lazy when it comes to homework, and we are struggling to get him to understand the importance of why it has to be done.  He tells us his teacher doesn't always check it...ack!  That's not the point!  Grrrrr - it's been an ongoing argument, and have I mentioned that my son is a Taurus?  Oh he can be so bull-headed when he wants to be!  True to his sign!  Haha! He's been busy with lots of sleepovers and birthday parties lately, which has been good. 
This past week -'s been rough for our state.  I'm sure anyone who has watched the news has seen the horrific pictures of the flooding in SC - well, our house is okay, as is my parents and most of my friends.  But...I know several people who have significant flood damage, and my kids are still out of school - today makes day 6 because so many roads are washed out and or still covered with water. I've been in SC since I was 2 (now 41) and I have NEVER seen anything like this.  It's incredible, and so sad to see the devastation.  My dad is over at a friend's house today tearing out drywall, carpet and scraping mud out of the house.  I know of so many more having to do the same thing.  There were so many dams in the Columbia area that are now spilling down the rivers towards our area.  Guess we'll have to see what the weekend holds, and hope the rivers don't rise and cause more flooding.  We don't need it!! 
So - it's been a crazy 3 months. Love it now that it's fall, and football is here!  Tennis starts soon for my son - my daughter decided she did not want to play this year. Maybe next year!  My son also tried out for, and made, the Lego Robotics Team at his school - I'm so proud of him.  Hopefully that will help him with discipline in other areas he's lacking - lol!  I can only hope!!
Upcoming - Well...Halloween is almost here.  My son has decided he wants to be the Creeper from MineCraft, and my daughter wants to be a security guard??  Not sure why, but we found an awesome security guard shirt  - they are both easy outfits, so I'm not complaining.  My daughter is also into Anime at the moment -I'm not sure where she picked that up, but hey...if she enjoys it, good for her!  She has decided for her birthday and some of Christmas that she wants her room redecorated - paint, bed and bedspread, and d├ęcor - so that's what we are going to do for her.  I'm kind of excited, and think she is too - something to look forward to doing together.  Seems with this strange, awkward age it's really hard to find things we both enjoy doing together.  That makes me sad, and trust me...I try - so I'm really, really looking forward to this.  Hoping for some quality mother daughter bonding. 
I'm a bit worn out lately - so many things running through my head, and I really need some time for myself - I seriously want a day to do nothing, and for everyone to go out for the day.  My house needs major cleaning, and I don't do well with that while others are home.  I do soooo much more when it's just me. husband (whom I love dearly) is a home body...and won't go away! LOL!  My kids do, but when they are gone hubby is 2 feet away at all times.  No joke!!  I am reading a book, that I've been trying to finish for about 4 weeks now...I just want to sit and have a glass of wine (or actually, a Moscow Mule) and just read and relax.  Not enough hours in the day, or days in the week. 
Last weekend (before all the flooding mess began) my best friend threw her daughter a birthday party.  We drove up to Columbia, and after dropping off my stuff at my parent's house I headed to the b-day party.  My poor friend is dealing with a mess - she is in a custody battle with her ex and it has gotten so, so, so ugly.  He has never been nice (left her when their youngest was 3 months old, and literally took everything out of the account - left her with nothing).  Anyway - it's gotten nasty, and she was sooooo down over some things that had  just happened.  I had to bake cupcakes, and help set up the food - she was so lost that I'm really glad I was there to help...but, at one point I had to tell her to snap out of it for her daughters sake - that kids were on the way and she needed to step up!  (Hey - that's what best friends are for, right?)  So...she pulled herself together, and it ended up being great.  My son and I went back to my parents' while my daughter stayed for the sleepover.  We went to church with my parents and then picked her up on the way back - had a nice lunch with my parents, before heading back home.  The weather was JUST starting - the prelude to what happened last week.  Yuck! 
Okay - it's now Friday, and I can't tell you how happy I am that the weekend is here.  Maybe I can sit and enjoy a book - I'm currently reading All The Light We Cannot See -and I'm dying to finish it.  Seriously, I started it like a month ago, and I'm not even halfway through...and it's not because it isn't's really good, and I want to devour it!!!!  Just that darn time thing - hence the title!
Well - have a great weekend, and for anyone who is in SC - stay strong, and stay safe. Hopefully everyone will continue to stay dry!